Seletar Golf Stories

Do you have any Seletar golf stories. Here is one to start with 
Mike Hume
I was a member of Seletar Golf Club in the years 1960-1962. I was in the Australian Army and worked at Radio Station CK2 on Yui Chu Kang Road. Being single, I lived in the RAF barracks at Seletar.
Having been caught in one of my regular crimes against good military order and discipline on one occasions, my CO gave me 14 days CB to get my attitude back on track. By sheer coincidence I had won my way through to the finals of a match play tournament and I was sorry to find that my opponent a week later was my boss which was rather scary at the time.
At that time, the Australian Army version of Confined to Barracks was that one could not take part in any pleasurable activities, one was confined to the barracks area, and one had to do combined drill and hard toil every night under the supervision of particularly nasty orderly sergeants.
My CO told me that I was to do my CB duties as the British RAF did theirs at Seletar so I turned up at the guardhouse and volunteered my self for what I expected would be a night of misery.
I was informed that the British services had undergone some trauma and had been forced to modify their treatment of men and, consequently, CB meant exactly that. They were confined to barracks, but, apart from that, they could take part in any activities they wanted during the rest of their "punishment".
The first question I asked was whether I was allowed to play golf during my "incarceration". On being assured that I could, a three-foot wide smile creased my face.
And so it was that I turned up at the appointed time to meet my boss in the quarter final. He was so surprised when I acquainted him of the situation that he never really had a chance and I won the game 6 and 5.
I can still recall his face to this day (55 years later) but he held no ill feeling and I recall playing with him in a few interservice games back in Australia when we were back in the Land of OZ.
Another great memory from an appreciative recipient of British RAF hospitality.