Seletar Golf Club

It is believed that the RAF Seletar golf club was originally founded in the early 1930s. However, as records are not available, this cannot be verified.

In 1949 a team of Golfing enthusiasts, one of which was a Sergeant Chalky White, began to rebuild the course which had been neglected during the Japanese occupation.

The Opening Ceremony

(June 1950)

Chalky White & Friend on the golf Course

(Barrack Block in Background)

Golf Club 1950

Membership & Handicap Card

Extract from an article on page 12 of the Straits Times, dated 2nd June 1950

The RAF Seletar golf course has reopened after 8 years. Work began to restore the course in Feb 1950, financed by the RAF Welfare Fund.

The course was formally reopened, (probably on 1st June 1950), in a game between Air Marshall F.J. Fogarty, o/c FEAF and Air Commodore H.Proud, o/c RAF Base Seletar. Air Commodore Proud won by one hole!

The 9 hole course was spread throughout the Station with 1, 7 & 8 Holes adjacent to the Officers mess. 2 & 3 near Hampstead Gardens/ Western Avenue. Other holes were easily accessed from some of the married quarters. Hole 6 was extremely close to the Runway and play had to stop when aircraft were landing or taking off.

The Royal Island Cup was introduced in 1954

Cup Winners


JT J Patterson


LAC Johnston


D Strong


Cpl Hewitt


Cpl Eadon


Cpl Elliott


WO Foley


Flt Lt G C Lynch


Chf Tech J M C Amesbury


R Chapple


R McGovern


L Waters


A Maclachlan


P Nicholls


D Mapletoft


W Ranyard


P Davis


not competed

Now known as the Seletar Trophy is now with the RAF Golf Association, where & since 1973, it has been awarded to the RAF Individual Stroke-Play Champion.

More information and A photo of how it is today can be found on the RAF Golf Associations website

Seletar Cup

The Golf Course in RAF Days

Aerial view of Seletar Golf Course

Compliments of JARIC (FE)

In 1971 when the British Forces withdrew from Singapore, the then, National Sports Promotion Board (NSPB) formed the Seletar Base Golf Club, which, eventually took over the management of the Seletar golf course. In 1995, the Seletar Country Club was formed with many members from the Seletar Base Golf Club. They later migrated to their current club location just over 1km from the Seletar Base Golf Course.

The Course Layout in 2002

(probably different from that in RAF days)_

Sadly, the Seletar Base Golf Course no longer exists but past members have very fond memories of it.

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