Janes Family

Personal memories of the Janes Family at Seletar 1969 to 1971

Doug & Pip

New Year, Seletar 1969, Sergeants Mess.

Infants school, Seletar June 1970.

David Janes, middle 4th left.

Vivien Janes, middle 3rd right

Judo team, Singapore, - Douglas jnr. middle 4th right.

Air sea rescue launch singapore, 1967?? - Doug Janes, 2nd left.

Singapore Visit 2014

Vivien and Pip at 7 Oxford Street (home)

Seletar Theatre Club.

(A Sad Sight for ex Members)

Pip at the Botanical Gardens singapore.

Pip was an active member of the

and you will find more photos of her there