Victor John Jones Photos







General Post Office building, Singapore, January 1946







BaBananas in the Wild!



Roof of Indian Temple (Hindu), Singapore

Pete, Jack Cartwright and Pat's Dad leaving hut for NAAFI, October 1946


River, Singapore, Jan 1946

North Bridge, Singapore, Jan 1946

Japanese Aircraft, RAF Seletar January 1946

Letter Writing Jan 1946

Mac & His Lorry, January 1946

View of the river, Singapore January 1946

Gharrie being loaded with food for party on camp, Seletar, Singapore

390 MU work on a Dakota engine, Seletar, August 1946



From top floor of J (?) Block, on a rainy afternoon, Seletar, October 1946

209 Squadron Sunderland, Seletar, October 1946


Mosquito with broken back, Seletar, Singapore, February 1946

Garrison Theatre and park, Singapore, January 1946

Some of 390 MU (?) with Spitfire, Seletar, Singapore, August 1946

Engine fitter on Dakota, Seletar, Singapore, August 1946



Top floor of J (?) block, Seletar, October 1946


Jack Cartwright, Seletar, Singapore, July 30th 1946

End view of F (?) Block, Seletar, July 30th 1946

Paddy Pat's Dad outside the billet, Seletar, March 1946

St Andrews Church, Singapore, February 1946

Part of the Japanese dump, Seletar, Singapore, April 1946

Winchester Castle bound for Old Blighty';s shores. Lucky devils. January 1946

General Post Office building, Singapore, January 1946

"The time has come" Troops boarding, Singapore, January 1946

General Post Office building, Singapore, January 1946

Anderson Bridge, Garrison Theatre in background, Singapore, January 1946


Singapore, April 1946

Japanese aircraft in the water, Seletar, April 1946

Across the bay, Seletar, Singapore, April 1946

Japanese aircraft that are no more, Seletar, April 1946

Japanese aircraft, Seletar, April 1946

Billy, George, Paddy, Myself. Four of a kind, Seletar, March 1946

Billets, Seletar, Singapore, April 1946

Singapore, April 1946

The finish of some Japanese equipment, Seletar, March 1946