Seletar Swimming Pool

In the early days the Seletar Swimming Pool consisted of a large water tank whose main purpose was to provide a facility for aircrew Dingy training

Pre WW1 Dingy Training

The pool was upgraded as time passed. In August 1961 over $10,000 raised at a fun fair and fete. Planes were drawn up and in 1963 the pool was closed for Several Months while a complete refurbishment was carried out.

Pre and Post 1963

Diving Boards Pre and Post 1963

RAF Seletar Water Polo Team – FEAF Champions 1962

Robin (Lew) Lewin standing 2nd right with Arthur (Eddy) Edwards to is left

Centre Front Team Captain 'Dixie' Dean.

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Some Swimming Cup and Medals 1962-63

Seletar Schools Swimming Gala Late 1960s

Seletar Kingfisher Swimming Club Badge