Latest developments at Seletar


Patrick Lau Choon Sam

I thought that it would be good to share with you all that certain landmark buildings from the RAF Seletar days have been preserved for posterity.

Today the former RAF Seletar is the Seletar Aerospace Park – 300 hectares with an integrated cluster of activities :

1. Maintenance , repair & overhaul ( MRO) of aircraft & components

2. Manufacturing & assembly of aircraft engines

3. Business & general aviation

4. Training & research.

When fully developed in 2018, Seletar Aerospace Park is expected to contribute S$ 3.3 billion per annum to Singapore’s GDP and create 10,000 jobs.

Currently the companies in the Park include Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, Bell Helicopter, Europter, Hawker Pacific and Fokker.

I do remember the good old days when the RAF was based in Singapore ( under Far East Airforce – FEAF) when I was young.- RAF Seletar, RAF Tengah and RAF Changi ( Under Changi have their own association ??)

I recalled with joy of looking the planes flying above my home – javelins, hunters, Beverly, Chinook and also the V bombers !! Vulcan, Victor and Valiant.

Besides Seletar as mentioned above, Tengah is today a key airbase of the RSAF ( republic of Singapore Air Force ) I think that it is the base of our latest fighter aircraft the F – 15.

There were also the other components of the British forces – ie th Royal Navy in Sembawang ( today part of the Sembwang Group , which includes shipbuilding, engineering etc ) and also the British Army eg the 2ndGurkha Rifles ( Slim Barracks ) and 10th Gurkha Rifles ( Blakang Mati – today a resort island known as Sentosa )

In this regard, I have enclosed some newspapers & other materials on Seletar for your members reading pleasure.

From The Straits Times – Friday 21st February 2014

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